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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Fund Asset Classes

Mutual Fund Asset Classes must begin with definition for Asset Class, which means a broader investment category having certain attributes that do not change. Literally Asset Classes describe the type of investment within a range of generally acceptable or standard investing areas.

Starting from the concept that most investors need to diversify their assets by not putting all your eggs in one basket. In as simple terms as SIG – Safety Income and Growth the range of investments can differ widely but it is the original most important rule and guideline that define diversification and asset allocation.

There are in fact 5 main components to consider when designing any type of stock or mutual fund portfolio; answering the question of what type of investments you need to have and based on percentages of these sectors used what is your time horizon.

Money Market, Fixed Income, Balanced, Equity, Specialty

Asset Classes define the type of general investment based on the type of assets an investor or manager would want to invest in to make, save and preserve more money by comparison to a particular indexes or by the returns of the average investor.

Mutual Fund Asset Classes are similar in nature to the 5 Standard Asset Classes and do drill down to reflect exactly 10 clearly defined Mutual Fund Asset Classes.

Money Market
Money Market

Fixed Income
Domestic Fixed Income
Global and High Yield Fixed Income

Domestic Balanced
Global Balanced

Domestic Equity
Global and International Equity
Sector Equity
U.S. Equity


Mutual Fund Categories: there are 52 exact fund categories that fall in to the 10 clearly defined Mutual Fund Asset Classes with a completely up-to-date and electronically inter- active chart that allows for the most unique investor advisor experience. The Mutual Fund Review not only demonstrates the big picture it details the real fund flows and uncovers important information that any investor or advisor can understand, related to and benefit from. In the spectrum of rating, ranking and screening of funds that are available in Canada's 750 billion dollar mutual fund market, investors, advisors and industry must realize how the markets work exactly and more precisely to include investors, consumers and the general public in a more efficient marketplace. You will find even more detailed breakdown that includes many more Mutual Fund Sectors with easy drilldown and the leading and most important type of Mutual Fund Index everyone wants to know and see. From numerous properly organized sectors to the Top 10 Mutual Funds overall is an intangible asset and a money making value to embrace by the investor advisor relationship.

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